App crashes with API 28 on Android 8.0

Now that I have a Android 8 device I finally di some testing. Thank you for answering.

UNO version is
Now that you told me I did uno doctor
Fortunately the app seems to not suffer the MapView issue. I changed found in C:\Users\_user_\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\fuse-sdk\node_modules\@fuse-open\fuselibs\Source\build\Fuse.Maps\1.12.0\Android (which is the ‘new’ FuseLibs folder after NPM installation) as said but the app worked with both version.

Yes, my app does use portrait and that was the bug that prevented the app from starting. I still would like to set the app to portrait mode, so I set windowIsTranslucent=false as explained but it did not worked. Let me say that I did not copied or moved any file as said in point #3 of your post because since the use of NPM as the preferred method to install Fuse the folders are not those indicated, nor I want to risk to break Fuse libs installation with manual operations.
Is there an updated workaround to set portrait mode?

I notice that AndroidManifest.xml in C:\Users\enric\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\fuse-sdk\node_modules\@fuse-open\uno\lib\build\UnoCore\1.12.1\Targets\Android\app\src\main contains already:

#if @(Project.Mobile.Orientations:Equals('Portrait'))
#elif @(Project.Mobile.Orientations:Equals('LandscapeLeft'))
#elif @(Project.Mobile.Orientations:Equals('LandscapeRight'))
#elif @(Project.Mobile.Orientations:Equals('Landscape'))

So android:screenOrientation is not the way to solve the issue.

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