Anroid build fails with Push Notifications


I have modified the tabs-multi-layout example to register to GCM and it kinda works in preview on device. I get the device id and when application has focus i can see incoming push messages in debug monitor.

Now i tried to build same code and get this:

Building native target sh .build/Android-Debug/ 1/2: _root.MainView.cpp _root.MainView.Template.cpp Uno/_main.cpp jni/Source/ActivityAndLifecycle/EntryPoints.cpp:49: error: undefined reference to ‘g::Uno::Exception::Message()’ jni/Source/ActivityAndLifecycle/EntryPoints.cpp:63: error: undefined reference to ‘g::Uno::Exception::Message()’ jni/Source/ActivityAndLifecycle/EntryPoints.cpp:98: error: undefined reference to ‘g::Uno::Exception::Message()’ jni/Source/ActivityAndLifecycle/EntryPoints.cpp:109: error: undefined reference to ‘g::Uno::Exception::Message()’ collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

make: * [libs/armeabi-v7a/] Error 1

(exit code: 2)

(unknown): E0000: Native build failed

What can be causing it?

In Packages i have obviously added “Fuse.PushNotifications” and also “Android” just in case… Also should sound work in Android notifications?


I am not really sure why it fails to compile. Could you try to run uno clean (cleans up intermediate data generated in old builds).

Also, have you had a look at