Animations in UNO

How can I Animate in UNO only the first 3 children of an element?

And how can I write this UX to UNO?

<Change Target="Element.Anchor" Value="0,100" Duration="1" Easing="CubicOut" Delay="1" />

Is posible?

It is possible, but not reccommended. Use UX for animations.

But in UX is posible to animate the first 3 child or animate the element when is on screen (like in scrollViewer when the element appear)?

I am pretty sure it is possible, but I have a problem understanding what you mean.

If you start by describing carefully what you want to acheive, it will be easier to help :slight_smile:

Sorry its hard to me write in english… But I try to explain better:

I want to do two things (separately)

  1. I have a scrollViewer with many objects in a StackPanel like this:
        <MyElement />
        <MyElement />
        <MyElement />
        <MyElement />

I want that when scroll down in the ScrollViewer, and the object show on screen, MyElement fade in.

  1. In the same list of the MyElement. I want to animate only the first 3 child, no all of them. This elements are created dynamically and all have the same ux:Name.

Sorry for my bad english…