Android re-ask denied permission

Hello All!

I am using following code to request permission.

Permissions.Request(Permissions.Android.READ_CONTACTS).Then(AuthorizeResolved, AuthorizeRejected);

But if user denied request then permission is not getting asked again. I am also not getting never ask again check box as other apps.

to better understand android permissions please refer to this stack overflow thread which clarify that android permission can be re-asked again

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks in advance

I might be misunderstanding, but after the user has chosen I think the rules here apply:

Turn permissions on or off

You can change the permissions that apps can access in the main Settings app on your device at any time. Keep in mind turning off permissions may cause apps on your device to lose functionality.

Note: If you’re using a work, school, or government Google Account, your administrator may use the Device Policy app to control certain permissions.

The link seems to be more about a custom permissions ui (but I only skimmed it). Happy to dig deeper into this if the settings menu doesnt solve the issue for you.

Hi Chris!

Thanks for your response.

I’m totally aware of the “settings menu” solution but unfortunately it won’t resolve my issue because (in terms of UX) most users don’t want to live that experience of going to the right settings page then enabling the right permission from it.

The link is indeed about custom permissions ui that is used to explain for users why permission is important for the app and why should be approved.

I’d really appreciate your help by digging deeper into the issue,
and I’d really be happy to do a PR for Uno.Permissions package which is responsible of the issue only if it was open-sourced