Add piece of code to android Gradle file in defaultConfig section


I’m working on OneSignal integration for Fuse but i came across one problem when i was doing Android integration.

Unfortunately OneSignal requires the following code to put added to build.gradle file in android > defaultConfig section

manifestPlaceholders = [onesignal_app_id: "ONE_SIGNAL_APP_ID_HERE",
                                // Project number pulled from dashboard, local value is ignored.
                                onesignal_google_project_number: "REMOTE"]

I checked all Fuse documentation and didn’t found a way to do it

did i miss something ? is there any way to do it ?

[Update] [Solved]: after a lot of search i found that gradle is able to merge same configuration blocks in the same file.

so adding the following code solved the problem

[Require("Gradle.BuildFile.End", "android {defaultConfig {manifestPlaceholders = [onesignal_app_id: \"ONE_SIGNAL_APP_ID_HERE\",onesignal_google_project_number: \"REMOTE\"]}}")]