Accessing named component methods in class


It kind of dazzles and confuses me: is there a way to access class named methods? What the context?

For example:

  • a main page:
  <Navigator ux:Name="navigation">
    <SomePage ux:Name="somePage">
         <Clicked><ScrollTo Target="scrollViewTargetInSomePage" Position="0,0" /></Clicked>
  • and SomePage class:
<Page ux:Class="SomePage"><ScrollView ux:Name="scrollViewTargetInSomePage" /></Page>

Thanks a lot,

You can only access nodes by their ux:Name from the same data context. In your case, it’s inside of the ux:Class definition for SomePage.

The context boundaries can be crossed in some ways. One is using ux:Dependency, another which may fit you could be UserEvents.