0.5.3166: OpenGL crash with DotNetExe

I’ve gotten this crash a couple of times:

> (exit code: -1073741819)
> ERROR: Native target failed to run
FATAL ERROR: Run failed.

C:\Documents\Flare\app\Flare>uno build --target=DotNetExe --run

Building project 'Flare', target 'DotNetExe'

# Configuring
Uno: 0.5.3166-Win32
Project: C:\Users\LarsThomas\Documents\Flare\app\Flare\Flare.unoproj
Packages: Android (0.1.109), Experimental.iOS (0.1.85), UnoCore (0.1.1040), Experimental.TextureLoader (0.1.206), Fuse.Design
er (0.1.1041), Uno.Collections (0.1.206), Uno.Geometry (0.1.206), FuseCore (0.1.1041), Experimental.Physics (0.1.1041), Fuse.
Animations (0.1.1041), Fuse.Drawing (0.1.1041), Fuse.Drawing.Planar (0.1.1041), Uno.Net.Http (0.1.1040), Experimental.Http (0
.1.1041), Fuse.Triggers (0.1.1041), Fuse.Elements (0.1.1041), Fuse.Drawing.Batching (0.1.1041), Fuse.Drawing.Meshes (0.1.1041
), Fuse.Drawing.Primitives (0.1.1041), Fuse.Drawing.Polygons (0.1.1041), Fuse.Drawing.Paths (0.1.1041), Fuse.Entities (0.1.10
41), Fuse.Gestures (0.1.1041), Fuse.Navigation (0.1.1041), Fuse.Shapes (0.1.1041), Fuse.Controls (0.1.1041), Fuse.Effects (0.
1.1041), Fuse.Native (0.1.1041), ObjC (0.1.85), Uno.Data.Json (0.1.206), Theme (, Flare (0.0.0)
(2,901.54 ms)

# Parsing source code
(152.63 ms)

# Compiling syntax tree
C:\Users\LarsThomas\Documents\Flare\app\Flare\.cache\GeneratedCode\Views\FeedItems\Match.g.uno(9,19): WUNKNOWN: 'Match.Initia
lizeUX()' hides inherited member 'SimpleBase.InitializeUX()' -- use 'new' modifier if hiding is intentional
C:\Users\LarsThomas\Documents\Flare\app\Flare\.cache\GeneratedCode\Views\FeedItems\Status.g.uno(8,19): WUNKNOWN: 'Status.Init
ializeUX()' hides inherited member 'FeedItem.InitializeUX()' -- use 'new' modifier if hiding is intentional
(917.73 ms)

# Generating code and data
(2,338.10 ms)

# Building native target

Build completed in 6.32 seconds
    2 Warning(s)
    0 Error(s)

# Starting application
Running `C:\Users\LarsThomas\Documents\Flare\app\Flare\.build\DotNetExe-Debug\Flare.exe`
> GL_VERSION: 1.1.0
> GL_VENDOR: Microsoft Corporation
> (exit code: 0)


it then shuts down the app with the error message in a message box: Fatal Error. OpenGL 2.0 is required to run this application. [OK]

Attaching VS to the crashing process gives me this:

The program '[5436] Flare.exe' has exited with code -1073741819 (0xc0000005) 'Access violation'.

Triple head on the desktop fails at the same time, so I need to reboot the computer to get it to a sane state.

Woah, sounds intense. Sounds like your gfx card driver is taking a hit.

Is this consistent? Does it happen every time? Have you tried a different machine?

Seems you’re getting the Microsoft software rasterizer instead of the local GPU. Are you running on a virtual machine, or through a remote desktop connection or something like that?

It works with OpenGL until it crashes the first time, then it tries to use GDI. I’ve only seen it on an GeForce GTX 680.

I’ve only seen it twice, but both times have been quite recently. It did not happen during any specific use, the app was really just lingering in the background at the time. I know the report doesn’t give much to go on, but I though it was better to have it reported than ignored.

This is with the GeForce 353.62 Driver, which GeForce Experience indicates is the latest.

To clarify, the output above is from two runs, the first uses OpenGL and crashes, the second fails to start as it tries to use GDI.

EDIT: This is not virtual machine or remote desktop, this is local.