Uno changes in 0.5.3127: Glob notes

Projects: Glob support in Includes and Excludes items

These glob features are supported:

  • Brace Expansion

  • Extended glob matching

  • “Globstar” ** matching

Patterns without / in .unoproj or .unoignore files are matched recursively.

             # Matches all files
.foo         # Mathces all files named .foo
.bar         # Matches all files named .bar
.+(bar|foo)  # Matches all files named .bar or .foo 
foobar        # Matches all files named foobar

Prefixing with / or ./ disables recursion.

/.png        # Not recursive, matches all PNG files found directly in project directory


Use globstar () for explicit recursion.


Foo//.uno # Mathces all files named *.uno in Foo directory recursively