Types of Includes

Hey, I was wondering what other types there are and what they are called.

What I mean by Include Types:


Here the type is UXFile, I’ve been trying to find out the equivalent for UNO files as well as the one for defining a custom icon (used for the %(Icon) parameters).

I appreciate any help! :slight_smile:

Supported include files:

  • UXFile (*.ux)
  • SourceFile (*.uno)
  • ExtensionsFile (*.uxl)
  • File (*.*)

When you omit the :FileType part of the string the type is detected automatically based on file extension.

To set the default icon, use the Icon property (not the Includes property):

"Icon": "icon-default.png",
"Includes": [

If you explicitly want to add specific resolutions, you can override specialized properties:

"Android": {
  "Icons": {
    "LDPI": "icon-ldpi.png",
    "MDPI": "icon-mdpi.png",
    "HDPI": "icon-hdpi.png",

An overview of the supported properties can be found here: https://www.fusetools.com/developers/guides/unoprojectformat

I can for some reason not get the Icon functionality to work.
I’ve added the Icon line, but it does for some reason not change the app icon when I export it to Android. (my icon.png file is in the root folder, just to make it clearer)

Here is my project file (Shortened):

{  ...
  "Icon": "icon.png",

  "Android": {
    "Icons": {
      "HDPI": "$(Icon)",
      "LDPI": "$(Icon)",
      "MDPI": "$(Icon)",
      "XHDPI": "$(Icon)",
      "XXHDPI": "$(Icon)",
      "XXXHDPI": "$(Icon)"
    "Key": {
  "HTML": {
    "Favicon": "$(Icon)",
    "Title": "$(Title)"
  "iOS": {
    "Icons": {
      "iPad_29_1x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPad_29_2x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPad_40_1x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPad_40_2x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPad_76_1x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPad_76_2x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPhone_29_2x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPhone_29_3x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPhone_40_2x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPhone_40_3x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPhone_60_2x": "$(Icon)",
      "iPhone_60_3x": "$(Icon)"
  "Mobile": {
  "BuildDirectory": ".build",
  "InternalsVisibleTo": [],
  "Packages": [
  "Projects": [],
  "Includes": [