Scroll effects

I was wondern how to have a parallax or sizing effect with list items pictures, when they are scrolled in a list?

I an easy case I would use the absolute scroll position of the listitem and put a little math on it. For that I need the absolute position of the item in the scroll event. Is that possible?


It depends on exactly what parameters you want to base it on. Have a look at ScrollingAnimation.

If no trigger does exactly what you need, the next step is to write a custom trigger in Uno code. If you describe precisely what you are looking for, we can help you draft something.

The ScrollingAnimation goes in the right direction but as I understand (I can’t try it out right now) the scale affects the whole panel?! I just want to scale an image inside a panel. The image in the top area of the list show be slidly bigger…

The second effect I saw in a iOS app I can’t remember right now (but I will). the Images inside a list item cointaner where moving a little bit as the list is scrolled.

You can control what object is being scaled by doing <Scale TargetNode="someNode" ...

Does this example help? Notice how the avatar is scaled based on the distance scrolled.

Thx to ANders & Liam… I will build a PoC and report…