Property Inspector - property grouping metadata idea

Those of you who used Outracks Realtime Studio will know they had an extremely cool property inspector that automatically exposed public properties of any class. This is great for developer/designer collaboration!

However, the property inspector could get quite messy even for built in classes! Can you imagine if a developer could specify groups of properties to appear in a specific order via metadata?

The developer could add metadata to list an array of properties or multiple arrays of properties with labels for the group and whether or not the group is a list or drop down/accordian menu. Anything not specified would just be appended to the end as a list.

Now imagine if this metadata could be edited visually by the designer? Afterall, they are the ones who use these panels! It would be awesome if a designer could activate a property inspector panel editing mode. This would allow drag and drop of the property controls to be reordered or placed in new groups or lists. Right clicking on the group or list label would allow them to toggle between list view and group view. The metadata would automatically be updated behind the scenes. Eventually, the groups could be locked down by the developer in the metadata. This would disable the group editor functionality.

This would allow developers to control how their class is exposed and make their work more designer friendly. Fuse could also benefit from organizing all their primitive classes with the same tools.

Actually, the inspector in Realtime Studio also supported these metadata features! We hadn’t thought to expose those through the Inspector too, though. Great idea!

A fully-featured Inspector (along with drag and drop editing tools) is in the pipeline! It will take some time to complete of course, but we’ll get there. Thanks again for the input!

I love that everytime I suggest an idea… it already happened!

Yes… please consider roundtripping the metadata. That would be killer!