Passing data through this.Parameter

To be very clear, you need to remove the <Page> wrapper around your <Notes> and let the <Notes> component be a direct child of the <Navigator>. The navigator sends the parameter only to its direct child.


I changed my “page” code to this, base on the hikr source code and still nothing showing on the
<text value="{id}"/>

I don’t think I follow completely your suggestion

Don’t change your page, change the navigator setup. It needs to look like this:

    <CalendarControl ux:Template="firstPage" router="router" />
    <Calendar ux:Template="secondPage" router="router" />  
    <Notes ux:Template="thirdPage" router="router" />
    <Settings ux:Template="fourthPage" router="router" />

Ok… I figure it out and removed the tag from the Navigator and I do see the data.

But… How can I see this data inside a .js file?



You can’t do that synchronously, you have to subscribe to changes:

this.Parameter.onValueChanged(module, function(p) {

I did this and seems to work fine.



I’m getting the value from the passed data.

Thanks for the patience and help. Sorry for giving you such a hard time.

That approach may work sometimes, but it’s not guaranteed to work for observables where the data arrives asynchronously (e.g. from a HTTP call).

No problem, it’s good to know what things users find difficult so we can improve documentation and examples.

What can i use instead of the subscribe(module) approach?

I just saw that it only give me data when i reset the app.

I just explained what you need to use in my previous post: .onValueChanged(module, function(p) { ..

var Timer = require("FuseJS/Timer"); //trying to use this to get data fast
var tt = this.Parameter;
var wd = {
                return x.wd;

Timer.create(function(){ //<-- this call only works once after restarting the app preview
	getP(); // 

function getP(){ //<- this one works every time but only when clicked on a button inside the view


module.exports = {

Some findings…

Anders Lassen wrote:

I just explained what you need to use in my previous post: .onValueChanged(module, function(p) { ..
I forgot about this one.

Thanks again.

This is for anyone that has the same issue:
This worked for me:

function getP(){

I’m getting the value constantly on the view and also on the .js file where some processing is going to be done.

Thanks again for the support…!!