Local Notifications for months and years

Background: We run a money loans company, and the next payments app is made with fuse. It’s almost done, but the next payment notifications which can be for up to months or years are added at the first run of the app. I was wondering: if the user closes the app, is he still going to receive the notifications that were added for lets say April?

If not, how can I make the app run infinitely on the background so he gets the notification if he logs in on March and has to pay on April? (Remember I already registered all future payment dates notifications the first time he logged in)

I know very little about how local notifications should work but my impression is that what you describe should definitely be possible. :slight_smile:

Anyway, this sounds like something you should be able to test very easily:

  • Add future notification in the app
  • Exit it and reboot the device
  • Wait and see. (You could also manually change time/date on the device if you wanted to verify there’s no change in behavior for notifications far into the future).