Keystore Password Value Cannot Contain "$$"

I came across this issue because I needed to use an existing keystore for an existing app, not originally created with Fuse, but the next version I am building is using Fuse.

The password from the keystore was something like '$$Password' and I can use this just fine on the command line when interacting with the keystore via keytool. But when building to Android via Fuse, I would constantly get an error that the password was incorrect or my keystore was corrupt.

I changed the password to not include the '$$' and that made it work again. So for now it’s a workaround for me, but ultimately, IMHO, Fuse should allow passwords that are also allowed by keystores.

A simple test case would be to create a new keystore with '$$Password' as the password and then try building.

I am currently running 0.27.1 on OSX Sierra because I am reliant on some deprecated packages for a custom component. If someone could pick up testing this on the newest that would be fantastic.

How are you using the keystore from Fuse? Are you using foreign code? Can you post the relevant code?

Not sure what you mean by relevant code. I just have this in my .unoproj file…

"Key": {
        "Alias": "myalias",
        "AliasPassword": '$$Password',
        "Store": "release.keystore",
        "StorePassword": '$$Password'

If I change my password to 'Password' instead, removing the '$$' (in the keystore itself and in the above config) it works fine.

Ah… I thought you used it from code. I will file an issue.

I’ll try in a new test project. I can’t send the project cause it’s for a client. I’ll let you know if it works there, however I did have this problem with two of my projects, again using 0.27.1. In both cases I had to remove the '$$' from my passwords.