Is there any way to reset routers?


In my app you’ll have the ability to switch between profiles who are linked to each other. The app uses a written JSON file to keep track of which user is currently logged in to get data from the database. When I first log in with a user, all lists and stuff are loaded with data linked to that profile. Then when I switch profile, instead of getting new data linked to the new user it just stays the same, with data meant for the last user. This is because while the User.json file is altered, it does not actually refresh or reset things on the active pages in navigation. I have heard about:

<Text Value="{Clear firstname}">

But sadly it does not seem to work for reasons unknown. I suspect that although this might reset the UX properly, it does not make the attached script restart as well, getting refreshed data.

So is there a way to tell the routers to stop and reset the navigators, ultimately firing up each page from the start again? It’s tempting to say that I wish for a method to simply reset each page and linked script each time it’s displayed but that might consume a bit more resources than just leave it be unless new data is coming in or the User.json has been changed.

Thank you in advance.