Individual floats from float2 Property

Hello, quick question: How do I extract each of the two numbers from a float2 Property in .ux? I am sending in a float2 as a Property, and both "{Property FetchMargin[0]}" and "{Property FetchMargin.X}" gives me errors.

Could you please explain what are you trying to achieve, as well as show some code to illustrate what you have so far?

I am making a reusable component for infinite scrolling. As it already takes quite a lot of parameters I would like to bundle the Scrolled.Within properties in a single float2. Stripped down, the relevant code looks like this:

<ScrollView ux:Class="InfiniteScrollView" LayoutMode="PreserveVisual">
	<float2 ux:Property="FetchMargin"/>
	<Scrolled ux:Name="atStart" To="Start" Within="{Property FetchMargin[0]}" Handler="{decreaseOffset}"/>
	<Scrolled ux:Name="atEnd" To="End" Within="{Property FetchMargin[1]}" Handler="{increaseOffset}"/>

Ok, I see. I don’t think there are any shorthands for accessing parts of properties that way. You would need two separate properties.

Just to be sure: are you aware that there is a ScrollViewPager that simplifies the task at hand?

Not at all, so thanks for the heads up. I will have a look at it.