How to reset properly reset a page?

Again I’m still fairly new to Fuse so excuse me if I ask too trivial questions around here…
Anyways, I have a series of pages which fetches data (e.g. a friends list, a message inbox, profile page, etc…) and everytime I go back and then select a new inbox message or new profile to view then the remains of the old info is displayed on the page before the newly fetched info is displayed instead.
So what is the most efficient and proper way to “reset” the pages before new info is fetched and displayed?

Thanks in advance!


You can make databindings reset themselves when they are unrooted by using so-called clear-bindings.

So instead of {foo} do {Clear foo} on the properties you want to clear when leaving the page.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hmmm it does not seem to work…
I placed it in an Each element but it does not clear the previous data context before loading the new.


Can you please provide a project example that reproduces the issue, or at least show the relevant code?