How to post a freelance assignment

A number of freelance jobs are starting to pop up on our forum and Slack, and I thought I’d take a moment to issue some guidelines on how to post a proper post, asking for help / seeking paid assistance:

  • Be specific about what the task involves / what requirements are needed by the applicant. What experience is needed?
  • How long will it take to complete (an estimate)?
  • What does it pay? If you are open to negotiations, be sure to let people know in which ballpark you’re playing. $50/hour? $150? Do you have a fixed budget for the whole job perhaps? Mention this too.
  • When does the job start? This makes it easier for freelancer to plan around existing or ongoing jobs.
  • What’s the preferred method of communication? What timezone are you based in? Offer these practical pieces of information up front.
  • Is there a contract to be signed? What type of work is it? Does the freelancer get part of the venture perhaps, or is it a pure work-for-hire gig? Be upfront about this too, as many people pick jobs not solely based on compensation.

And there you have it — it’s really quite simple, just remember these few points when posting a new job and both you and the potential candidate will be better off. :slight_smile:

Great post, Bent!

Additional items to consider:

(1) payment terms (in thirds; upon completion; 30, 60, 90 days)

(2) method of payment (especially if you are in different countries)

(3) required NDA?

(4) employee (if long term) vs. Corp to Corp

Hope this helps,

DB: great additions indeed!