How does one add iOS Settings Bundle to project?

I am looking at adding a settings bundle, but not sure where to put the config files.

Can you please describe in more detail exactly what are you trying to do? What settings, and where do you want them to end up?

I am investigating if I can force the location setting to be shown in the app prefs. At the moment it isn’t for users who upgraded my app and they aren’t asked if they allow the app getting location (a feature added with the upgrade). I was at least hoping I could somehow get the setting to be visible in iOS app prefs so it is easier for users to activate location settings.

So I want to create a settings bundle like this:

A better scenario ofc would be to actually get the location permission dialog to show (which would trigger that setting to be visible), but since showing that dialog is an automagic feature of iOS I am guessing it isn’t doable.

Hi sebastian,

We don’t have support for the Settings bundle yet but it sounds like a great idea so we will probably add it to our internal roadmap. Thanks!

As far as I can tell you wouldnt be able to use that to ‘force’ the location permission popup though. As you mentioned it is automagical. If you want some level of control of this then you would need to do something that forced it to ask for permission. You could request the current location, or use foreign code to enable & immediately disable the service (but that one sounds ugly).

I am actually requesting the location so it works for newly installed apps, but if the app didn’t require location services before being updated it just silently ignores that request (no dialog). I am not sure if this is a bug in Fuse or a “feature” in iOS.

ugh. This certainly sounds like an iOS ‘feature’. Fuse doesnt force the permission for iOS so things should be behaving in the standard way, which annoyingly suggests this is an iOS thing. Sorry about that