How can I reset/ kill a pop up screen when logout?

I’ve created a logout button that can be accessed from any screen of the app. But when logged out on a pop up screen, when I log in again, the app reopens the pop up screen where it was logged off.

Hey, Kelly!

It would be helpful if you could post a minimal example of what is happening, and what you want to do. This is needed for us to be able to respond with anything usable.

If i was to take a guess based on what you have written so far, it sounds like you need to explicitly navigate to the correct place when you log in, but i don’t know how your navigation and pop up screen system looks, so i can’t tell you 100%


I used the EdgeNavigator to create a sidebar. In the sidebar, I created a logout button and this sidebar can be accessed from any screen.
I made a pop-up of graphics for each client that is accessed on the previous screen. When the sidebar is accessed with the popup opened, when I log out and reboot , it reopens a blank popup screen, with no client selected.
I need to kill pop-ups so that when I reboot I return to the main screen.

Are you able to provide a small code example of how your app currently works? We can’t really help without code, as mentioned above.