goBack behaviour

fuse 1.7.3, MacOs

 <Button Text="Back button text" Clicked="{backClicked}" Alignment="Left" Width="90" HitTestMode="LocalBoundsAndChildren">
 	<Rectangle Color="White" Height="3" Width="25" CornerRadius="3">
		<Rotation Degrees="45" />
	<Rectangle Color="White" Height="3" Width="25" CornerRadius="3">
		<Rotation Degrees="-45" />
	<Circle Color="#FD6F6F" />

goBack is processed from the second press if you click on Circle. And, in debug the first click is reflected. A second press is not displayed, but the backward transition occurs. If you click on the text, everything works as it should.


Using Button control only Text is clickable part of the button. I would suggest creating your own button class. Here you can see the example how using Panel you can make a button.

Hope this helps.