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Create image from UX Panel

There, I fixed it: https://github.com/Tapped/CapturePanel-Fuse/pull/4

I see some more things reported, but those seem to not break the build at least. Will look into fixing those in a separate PR.

Ok, much thanks Uldis! :beers:

The remaining warning about using a thread in ScriptMethod has now been fixed, too: https://github.com/Tapped/CapturePanel-Fuse/pull/5

Awesomeness! Thanks Uldis! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’m getting the following error on compilation with latest Uno (10rc):

CapturePanel/CapturePanel.uno(116.33): W4139: Uno.Buffer is obsolete: 'Use extension methods on Uno.ByteArrayExtensions instead'

No worries, sorted it out but thanks: https://github.com/rbtech/CapturePanel-Fuse

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