Concat Databound Info to ux:Name

So here’s my situation, i want to update the image in the dock panel with whatever image was tapped in the Grid ( Just noticed the element count is wrong… bear with me ).

I though that just re-using the url would cause a refetch ( Correct me if i’m wrong ) so i decided to use a source, however i need to uniquely identify each source for 50 imgs at the moment. (Will grow with time, so i need a new pattern )

now i know you can name an element using ux:Name, question is how to get that name to pick up info from a databound variable and concatenate it to some prefix as you can see in the code snippet above.

I’m open to suggestions of another way of implementing this, mind you the {one}, {two}, {three} entries contain other information that is displayed in the dock panel.

To provide some visual context, this is the layout i’m trying to achieve ( Courtesy of google images ).