Click on the StatusBar


I would like to go to the top of the scrollview when user clicks on the status bar but i am not able to capture this event i tried:

    <StatusBarBackground Background="#fff" Dock="Top">
        <Clicked Handler="{onStatusBarClicked}"/>

but it does nothing. Is it possible to do so?

Hi! The <StatusBarBackground> is, as the name suggests, the background of the statusbar, not the statusbar itself. Depending on platform, the status bar may be owned by the OS and the event never reaches the app.

Hey Anders, could you guys “enable the scrollsToTop” for iOS:


  1. UITableView needs to have scrollsToTop=YES

  2. All children (that are UIScrollView/UITableViews/UITextViews) of a UIScrollView needs to set scrollsToTop=NO

  3. Make sure that the table view is at 0/0 (x/y coordinates) within the window - this is how the system knows that it should pass the message