Autocomplete and Previews not working

Two questions:

  1. Should Sublime have autocompletion in our UX files? I don’t see any drops.

  2. I see my system report an old 1.1 OpenGL version, is there a known problem with old GL cards (Intel HD3000 on Win10x64) not allowing Preview to work on the desktop? I can build MVSC Build & Run and run all sample apps fine. But, when I try to do a Local preview it doesn’t work.


  1. Autocomplete should sort of work, but there are a few known issues with it that we are working on.

  2. It should work fine. In order to debug we would need more information on how “it doesn’t work”. Can you please describe what happens in more detail?

Yeah, sorry was in a hurry to post. I’ll upload log soon. I’ve read several other similar posts regarding preview and old GL cards so I thought maybe it was just a known condition that wasn’t working. No worries. I have to run right now but the short answer is it builds, no errors, then nothing launches, no app crashes, etc. Just build and then nothing launches or appears and no errors I can see on build output. Thanks!

Actually, on 2) that is indeed a known problem: We were in touch with Intel regarding this as well but they’re not providing support for those cards anymore.

Hopefully you can make do with regular builds on the dev computer + real-time previewing on device!

Thanks Remi! Yep, makes sense, these cards are def not supported by Intel, I went to their driver site and none exist for Windows 10, only Win8 being the latest OS supported. I’ll test on device.

As far as autocomplete, should I see any autocompletion? I don’t get anything when I edit UX files using Sublime. I’ve installed the latest Fuse and Sublime updates.


It might not start instantly when you edit the file, but the autocompletion should definitely kick in after a little while (e.g. after you’ve been typing for a little while & saved the file / refreshed preview).

Can you check the sublime log at %localappdata%\Fusetools\Fuse\logs\fuse.sublimeplugin.log for errors?